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If you are visiting a community website or if you are an admin of a community website, there are going to be sections of data that allow you to suggest an edit if you see that there is data that is missing or incorrect. Having a centralized knowledge base of up to date community information is vital in helping communities stay connected and informed, so your feedback is enthusiastically welcomed. 

To suggest an edit, complete the form below and our team will research the issue for you. 

Once the form is submitted our team will get to work on looking into the issue. 

1. If the information issue is a result of incorrect data from one of our governmental data sources, we will explain the process of how to get that information updated with the proper authority. 

2. If the information is something that we can correct on our end, we'll research to verify and update the data based on your feedback.

We aim to respond to inquires in 24-48 hours, we're a small and growing start up.

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