Claim Community

Claiming a community is fast and simple. 

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Search for your community via name or address

2. When you have found your community page, click on claim community. 

3. Complete the claim form and submit your information, once submitted you will be emailed a claim confirmation.

4. if you are new to Neighborhoody, you can claim your community and sign up all in one process! Once the claim process is complete, you will also be sent a verification email in addition to your claim confirmation in order to complete the sign up process. 

5. Sit tight, you received  your claim confirmation and that means we've begun processing your request. It usually takes 24-48 hours. We may reach out to further verify information if required. 

Who is allowed to Claim?

If you are on the Board or Directors or if you work for the community manager, you have the authority to claim your community. Not a community leader, no sweat, you can still suggest edits or send messages to let your leaders know information is needed on a community page.

How does Neighborhoody verify your role?

First, we look to legally recorded documents, if legal documentation is not available we will reach out via phone or email and work with you to partially verify your account with operational documentation and intent to update legal documentation. Neighborhoody is knowledgeable on the regulatory requirements for your county. 

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